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Private Section: 5 Bugs

Shatter Destruction

Christmas Card 2011 Fun

Block people from getting to IDOCs with Barrels again

GM Poison 0-100 4-6 Hours, 2 hours with SoA's


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Server is back!
The server is back and faster than ever.

My apologies for the down time, server failure due to HDD problems = hard to recover site. But it is all back and thankfully no data loss!

I have also put the shout box over on the right from the temporary site.... enjoy!

CS:Source Server Now Online!

Get yourselves down to our new Counter-Strike: Source server!

NEW IP ADDRESS: Server name is now "NBKServers.co.uk | [AC] 1 AWP per team - FF ON"

AC CS:S Server Coming Soon....
New Counterstrike Source server coming soon!

IP Address:

Public Section: 1251 Bugs

magic flippers~

steal from mannequins

catch lobsters without water

Train stealing from 70-120 easily on siege.

Gain Easy Stats ( Faster See-Saw)

killing 2 pirate shipsno damage

change beard color to same color as hair

Endless Corgul

How to take your red to trammel

Guardwhack Ninja Trainers


Unlimited Guardian Spawn: Lvl 6 & 7 Chest

Remove bless on quest items

wear bloody sash and ride a mount

Don't Get Frozen by Navrey

Halloween 2010 Cloth trick

Healing golem

New leather dye bug tube that can dye cloth

Easy Bloody sash

How to teleport to Slasher stuck spot

Free Power Crystals

Dye cloth with 13th anny leather tub

tranfering heavy loads of and on new ships

fill your fishing quest crate easily

No more mage interruptions

Take no damage from mysticism garlic spells while in vampire form!

Easy Pet Training In Trammel

reward every day

wear Big Majik Flippers while riding mount

Getting extra resist that doesn t count towards imbueing

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