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"Bod Sandals Everytime " submitted on 5/ 11 / 2005 IP:

Thanks to Xander for submitting this bug.
Probably the easiest way to make money as a tailor besides doing barbed kits is to get Bod Sandals. What you do is get any 20 exceptional cloth small bod, fill it, then you get 1-2 stones from your maximum weight.then turn the bod in, sometimes it will continousely say, you can not hold the bod reward but thats because theres only like a 24% chance of getting a pair of sandals each time you turn a bod in, and the bod will just drop back into your pack, so keep trying to give him the bod eventually you will receive sandals.some say that you have to be under 100 str to do this trick but im not 100% sure of that.

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