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"Unlimited spawn at Deceit Brazier! " submitted on 8/ 18 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Dolph for submitting this bug.
Many of us are already aware that just inside the entrance of Deceit dungeon immediately to the west is a brazier that spawns a random monster when double clicked. While this is only possible once or twice with the 2-D client (with an approximate half hour delay in between with the message - "The brazier fizzes and pops, but nothing seems to happen."), it has unlimited uses with the 3-D client. Here's how it's done:

1. Log in to the 3-D Client.

2. Walk up to the brazier until you see the message "Heed this warning well, and use this brazier at your own peril".

3. Double click the TEXT (not the brazier itself).

4. Kill the spawned monster.

5. Repeat until you spawn the monster you wish.

Anything from a Slime up to a Dragon will spawn with high end tamables including the super hard to find Fire Steed! Now you Tamers no longer have to run around Fire & Hythloth dungeon for hours to find one.

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