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"Pet Magic gains " submitted on 11/ 1 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to SpaceGoat for submitting this bug.
Has your Pet taken several points in stat loss?

Can't You seem to raise your pets magery?

As most tammers come to realize magery is the hardest skill for a pet to raise. Well worry not I have found a technique to raise your pets mageryeval fast. This works for any Pet that can Disspell (Dragon's,WW's,Mare's). It helps if you have two people todo this. also helps if one or both of yah are vets.

So what you need to do is Person A gets his pet that wants to gain and person B Casts a Deamon.
Person A has there Pet attack the deamon and Heal the deamon accordenly. (This is where vet helps) You can heal though means of Magic (GHeal and Heal), Vet(Works the best of the three), and Healing.

What happens is the Pet constently trys to disspell the deamon therefore makeing his magery shoot up. My Dragon went from 52 magery to 80 magery in about two hours.

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