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"Quick Escape for Thieves and Other Occations " submitted on 9/ 19 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to amen for submitting this bug.
It can be very helpful if you need a very fast escape without anybody able to follow you:

1. Place a boat (yes you need water for that) where you are stealing - WBB is a very good place for that.
2. Get the dry dock menu up and just stand there (NOT on the boat!!!!)
3. Have your thief friend steal the object of your or his desire
4. The thief now has to run onto the boat or double click the open plank
5. If your thief friend is on the boat click ok on the dock menu
6. What happened? He got send to his last recall position (hopefully a save spot)

So if you survive the guard call then this is the fastest possible escape and noone will be able to follow you.

Another use for this, which is very evil against a tamer and his beloved pet:

Repeat steps 1 and 2 get a tamer on your boat with his pet - best some 7x GM pet - let him dismount if it is a ridable one.

DO NOT stay on the boat when you click ok on the dry dock menu.

What happened: The tamer is send away and his pets are gone deleted . It does not matter if they were bonded they are gone for sure and GMs won't help.

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