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"Melee ll without them hitting back (more info) " submitted on 8/ 7 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Nadir for submitting this bug.
Ever walk up to a monster and wait for them to agro on u. and it takes like 10 secs. that's because most monsters have an agro rutine that runs every 10 secs. Now when they hit this agro time. they usually stop and make a noice.


make a macro to attack last tagert. and use skill annat.
Go to khali with ur silver vanq.
lead all spawn out of ancient lich room.
hide about 15 tiles from al with him in last target.
attack last target.
he will 'agro' on ur ghost immage and walk twords u
when he stops and makes a sound. wait for him to take one step after that. then run out of hiding.
swing for 8 secs. run back and hide.
attack last.
makes noice and stops, agroing on ghost. wait for him to move one tile. run out and wack him.

make sure u dont hit attack last while visible and swinging at him. he will then start casting and hitting u. make sure ur weap is chargeless too. as hitting him then having lighting hit him will cause him to agro off ghost immage and back on u.

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