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"Unlimited Guardian Spawn: Lvl 6 & 7 Chest " submitted on 11/ 27 / 2010 IP:

Thanks to T_hunter for submitting this bug.
Before the new changes to Treasure Hunting, you could spawn many monsters by just moving them around in the treasure chest. Now with the new changes to T-Hunting, you get a message that you can't move them around in the chest.

However, with level 6 & 7 chests you can spawn unlimited guardian monsters (cold drakes, ancient wyrms, balrons, etc.) with the use of the green minor artifact bag you find in the chest.

1) Locate the green minor artifact bag
2) Loot any desirable treasure and drop any chest item or "chest junk" into the bag
- Doing so may spawn a chest guardian
3) Once most of the "junk items" are in the bag, you may move the items in the bag around, forcing more chest guardians to spawn. There is no restriction like in the main chest.

This method is great for getting additional loot and level 5 treasure maps!

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