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"Easy Compassion Gain! " submitted on 7/ 27 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to ZipZopZap for submitting this bug.
Well, this is an overall simple compassion gain. You gain the most from rescuing hostages right? Well. The problem is finding one of those hostage spawns relatively quickly!

Well, Ever been to the Orc Caves? There is a prisoner cell that spawns hostages ENDLESSLY. You can just take a hostage, free them, grab another, free them. The beauty is there is no five minute timer for hostage rescues. Garenteed to fill out your compassion quota for the day with one of the higher worth compassion bonuses!

Wear an Orc Mask and your completely untouched. Otherwise, Mark a rune inside the prison cell and laugh your way to your destinations because the orcs can't open the cell doors! This is such an easy bug.

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