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"Wierd bug " submitted on 5/ 14 / 2004 IP:

Thanks to Cinder for submitting this bug.
I was trying to get to my house on ice island on my smith and his rune was blocked. I hopped on my mage and saw a walrus was stuck at the steps. I wanted to kill it ;however, I knew I would have to wait 2 mins to log out if I was flagged as attacking. So I cast explosion, target the walrus, and quicky logged out. I came with my smith and did what I needed to do and then when I logged back onto my mage. (the walrus wasnt blocking the rune, it was a polar bear that was moving apparently) When I logged onto my mage (this is the bug part) I saw 56 come over the walrus and it promptly died. So you can cast a spell (explosion works) log out, and log back in like 2 mins later, or a few hours later and that thing you targeted will now be hit with that explosion. I have not thought about the implications of this bug yet, it just seems really cool.

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